Three Absurd ‘Miracles’ Related By The Soofees

The Soofee, An-Nabahaanee has authored a book “Jaami’ Karamaat Al-Awliyaa’ ” [A Compendium Of Miracles Of The Awliyaa’] wherein he relates some ‘miracles’ of the Soofees.

Below are some of the absurd miracles he relates:

1) He relates that a Soofee walee by the name of ‘Alee Al-‘Umari who, according to An-Nabahaanee,  conducted many miracles. In one of Al-‘Umari’s ‘miracles’ he disciplined his servant, who was his brother in law, by whipping him with his penis which had actually extended to above and beyond his (‘Alee’s) shoulder! After whipping him several times, his penis returned to its normal size.

[Related by An-Nabahaanee in his Jaami’ 2/396]

2) He relates about Ibraheem Al-‘Aryaan (d.930H) who used to:

“… mount the mimbar giving sermons while naked… he used to fart in the presence of the respected elders of the Soofees, swearing that it was the fart of such-and-such.”

[Related by An-Nabahaanee in his Jaami’ 1/412]

3) Nabahaanee also mentions “Shaykh ‘Ubayd”, who was able to:

“… pull a boat from the midst of mud after pulling it with a rope tied to his testis.”

[Related by An-Nabahaanee in his Jaami’ 2/46]


3 Responses to “Three Absurd ‘Miracles’ Related By The Soofees”

  1. Abdul Rehman Says:

    super dislike!!

    How can you even think of writing such posts on your blog bro?

    I condemn such talk, and we really don’t have to know about their so-called miracles.

  2. This is soo messed up!!!

    And they call these miracles?????

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