Kick Out The Murji’ee!

Imaam Bukhaaree said;

“I saw some people enter upon Muhammad Ibn Yoosuf al-Firyaabee (1) and it was said to him, ‘These people are Murji’ees.’ So he said, ‘Expel them.‘ They repented and returned.” (2)


(1) Yoosuf al-Firyaabee was one of the most senior shaykhs of Imaam Bukhaaree, and Imaam Bukhaaree said about him, “He is one of the most excellent people of his time.”

Those Yoosuf al-Firyaabee narrated from include the likes of: Athawree, al-Awzaa’ee, amongst others.

Those who narrate from Yoosuf al-Firyaabee include the likes of: Imaam Ahmad, Imaam Bukhaaree, amongst others.

Yoosuf al-Firyaabee was born in 120H and died in the year 212H.

[Siyaar vol. 10, Pp. 114-118]

(2) The issue of whether or not to boycot an innovator is based upon seeing the effects it may have upon the innovator. As Ibn Taymiyyah mentions, boycotting is like a medicine, too much of it, and you will kill the person, and not a lot of it,  you will kill the person. So boycotting should be done with wisdom and it is for the benefit of the innovator, so that he returns to the straight path.


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