Khaalid Bin Waleed On His Deathbed

When death approached Khaalid Bin Waleed and he realised that, he wept and said: “There is no deed that I have done that gives me more hope, after saying “laa ilaaha illa-Allaah” (Trans. “There is one worthy of worship except Allaah”), than an intensely cold night with a raiding party of the Muhaajireen, which I spent carrying my shield in the rain, waiting for morning to come so that we could raid the kuffaar. You must engage in Jihaad .

I witnessed such and such battles, and there is no place on my body the sizeof a handspan that has not received a blow from a sword or been pierced by an arrow or spear. But here I am, dying on my bed as a camel dies. May the cowards never prosper. I sought death in the places where it may be sought, but it was only decreed that I should die on my own bed.” [Siyar A’laam An-Nubula’, 1/382]

‘Umar wept and mourned deeply for him, and the daughters of his paternal uncle also wept for him. It was said to ‘Umar that he should tell them to stop, but he said, “Let them weep for Aboo Sulaymaan (i.e. Khaalid Bin Waleed) so long as they are not eulogizing him or babbling. For the likes of Aboo Sulaymaan (i.e. Khaalid Bin Waleed) let the weepers weep.” [At-Tareeq Ila Al-Madaa’in, p.366]

And ‘Umar said concerning him, “A hole has developed in the structure of Islaam.”

‘Umar said to Hishaam, who was a poet, “Recite to me what you said about Khaalid.”

When he recited it, he said, “You have fallen short in praising Aboo Sulaymaan (i.e. Khaalig Bin Waleed), may Allaah have mercy upon him. He loved to humiliate shirk and its people. May Allaah have mercy upon Aboo Sulaymaan (i.e. Khaalid Bin Waleed). What is with Allaah is better for him than what he had (in this world). He is missed after his death and he was praised whilst he lived. No one will live forever.” [Khaalid Bin Waleed, by Saadiq ‘Arjoon, p.348]

Khaalid Bin Walled died and was buried in Homs, in Syria in 21 AH.

[Taken from ” ‘Umar Ibn Al-Khattaab, His Life And Times, Pp. 115-117]

One Response to “Khaalid Bin Waleed On His Deathbed”

  1. passerby Says:

    “I die even as a camel dies. I die in bed, in shame. May the eyes of cowards never find rest in sleep!”

    These were the last words of a man who did not have a span of a hand on his body that was not scarred by a wound from a sword or arrow or spear.

    A man who said ; “I have sought martyrdom in a hundred battles. Why could I not have died in battle?”

    “You could not die in battle”, replied his friend. “You must understand that when the Messenger of Allah (SalAllahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam), named you Saifullah – the Sword of Allah, he predetermined that you would not fall in battle. If you had been killed by an unbeliever it would have meant that Allah’s sword had been broken by an enemy of Allah; and that could never be.”

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