Acting Upon Knowledge

Abdu Allaah ben Al-Mu’taz said:

“The knowledge of a hypocrite is in his speech, while the knowledge of a believer is in his actions”

[Iqtidaa-u al’ilmi al’amal, 38]

Imam Ash-Shaatibi writes:

“Sufyan At-Thawri has said: “Knowledge knocks on the door of action: it enters if the door is opened, but leaves if it does not receive a reply.” “

[Al-Muwafaqaat, 1/75]

Abu Darda said:

“Woe to him who does not know, and seven times woe to him who knew but did not act!”

[Ihya Uloem Ad-Deen, 1/63]

Source: Durani


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