The Strangers Accused Of Being Mad

Because the pious are regarded as strange, it is possible that some of them be accused of insanity just as Owais was accused. Aboo Muslim Al-Khawlaanee would frequently perform dhikr, his tongue would always move in the remembrance of Allaah and so a man asked one of his colleagues:

“Is your friend mad?”

Aboo Muslim replied:

“No, my brother, rather this is the cure for madness!”

[‘Abdullaah Ibn Ahmad, Zawaa’id Al-Zuhd, p. 384]

There is a hadeeth in which the Prophet (saw) said:

“Remember Allah until they say ‘he is mad!‘ “

al-Hasan said:

“… He would say they have lost their minds; yes, they have lost their minds, but to a matter far greater than their suspicions. By Allaah, in the pursuit of it they have no time for your worldly lot!”

It is in this regard that the poem said:

By love’s sanity! I find none to replace You,
O master! I have no objective save You.

Talking about You makes them say, ‘He is malady!’
I say, ‘May that malady never leave me!’

[Extracted from “The Journey Of The Strangers”, p. 97, translated By Ustaadh Aboo Rumaysah]


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