Who Are The People Of Desires And Innovation?

Ibn ‘Abdil-Barr mentioned in his book “Jaami’ Bayaan Al-Ilm Wa Fadhlihi” 2/92 that he said in his book “Kitaab Ash-Shahadaat” with regards to the explanation of Imaam Maalik:

“It is not allowed to take as a witness the innovators and people of desires. So Imaam Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Ibn Khuwaiz Mindaad Al-Misree Al-Maalikee said:

‘The people of desires with (Imaam) Maalik and the rest of our companions are the people of rhetoric, so every one who philosophises with speech is from the people of desires and innovation, whether he be an Ash’aree or something else. His witness is not to be accepted, and he is to be boycotted and taught a lesson due to his innovation and if he continues, he is called to repent from it.’ “



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