Take Advantage Of Good Deeds Before Death Approaches

‘Abdul Waahid Ibn Safwaan said: “Once we were with Hasan in a funeral so he said:

“May Allaah have mercy on a man who works deeds for the likes of this day. For surely, today you have the ability to work deeds the likes of which your brothers in these graves don’t. So take advantage of good health and free time before the great terror and reckoning comes.” ‘

[Qisarul Aml, p.141]


4 Responses to “Take Advantage Of Good Deeds Before Death Approaches”

  1. saabiqoon0inshaallaah Says:

    Salam alykum, who is Hassan here refering to? Hasan al Basri? Hasan bin Ali bin Abi Talib? etc sorry need to quote so i need the surename,barakallaahu feekum

  2. ok.. But how to do good deeds in our daily life, besides praying and reading quran?

    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

      There are many other god deeds one can do besides praying and reading qur’aan like, gaining knowledge, giving charity, helping others, smiling at other people, being kind to one’s parents, upholding ties of kinship, looking after one’s children, spreading knowledge, reciting the du’aas that are prescribed throughout the day (like before going to the toilet, before going to the masjid, when entering one’s house etc.), as well as constantly remembering Allaah with words of remembrance (see these posts for more info: https://theauthenticbase.wordpress.com/category/authentic-adhkaar/).

      It is important to do a variety of good deeds as we know that form the virtues of Aboo Bakr is that he will be called through all seven gates of paradise (hence showing his eagerness to perform a variety of good deeds).

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