The Saved Sect Is Only One, By Sh. Saalih Al-Fawzaan

Shaykhy Saalih Al-Fawzaan mentions:

“There is only one saved sect as the Messenger of Allaah (saw) said about the 73 groups:

All will be in the fire except one.

In the fire” means they will dwell there according to how far they are away from the truth.

Of them are those that are disbelievers, misguided and sinful. What is important is that they are all threatened with the fire except one group. The companions asked:

Which one is it, O Messenger of Allaah?

He (saw) replied:

They are those who are upon what I and my companions are upon.” [Saheeh Sunan At-Tirmidhee]

The path of correctness is one and the group upon correctness is only one. Allaah said:

And verily, this is my straight path, so follow it, and do not follow (other) paths, for they will lead you away from His path. This He has ordained for you that you may gain piety.” [Al-An’aam:153]

There are so many misguided paths today (that) they cannot be enumerated, but the group Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaa’ah is the one that has remained since the time of the Prophet (saw) and shall continue to remain until the hour is established, as the Messenger said:

There will never cease to be a group of my ummah upholding the truth, not being harmed by those who deceive them until the command of Allaah comes.” [Saheeh Sunan At-Tirmidhee]

There will be those who belittle them, accuse them of being ignorant and who say they are heedless. Others agree that they are righteous people but they accuse them of not knowing the current affairs and so on.

It is incumbent upon a Muslim not to be distracted from the statement of the Prophet (saw):

They are those who are upon what I and my companions are upon.” [Saheeh Sunan At-Tirmidhee]

There is no success except by following this group of Muslims.”

[Taken from “Trials Of Life” by Shaykh Saalih Al-fawzaan, Pp. 66-68]


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