From The Booty Received After The Battle Of Al-Qaadisiyyah

‘Asmaa Ibn Al-Haarith Ad-Dabbee said:

“I went out with those who went out seeking booty, and I followed a well-travelled path where I saw a man on a donkey. he ran away and caught up with another who was in front of him. They turned and ran with their donkeys until they came to a river where the bridge was broken. They stayed there until I caught up with them, then they parted. One of them threw something at me so I chased him and kiled him, and the other one ran away.

I went back to the two donkeys and brought them to the one who was collecting the plunder. He looked at what the first one was carrying and there were two saddlebags. In one was a horse made of gold with a saddle of gold and a bridle of rubies and emeralds set in silver, and reins of similar fashion. And there was a knight made of silver, studded with jewels.

In the other bag there was a camel of silver on which was a saddle of gold and riens of gold. All of that was adorned with rubies, and on it was a man ade of gold studded with gems.

Chosroes used to keep them in the columns in his palace on which their history was engraved.”

[Taareekh At-Tabaree, 4/468]

One Response to “From The Booty Received After The Battle Of Al-Qaadisiyyah”

  1. as salaam alkuim warahmatuallhi wa barakatuhu thank u so much from helping understand islam and even doe i am haveing a hard time inshallah i wii be come a better please and realy get on my deen wa alkuim salaam…. otilio jimenez

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