Description Of The Sahaabah Who Conquered Syria

In 15 AH or 16 AH, Ceaser, the king of the Byzantines, left Syria and headed for Byzantium. On his way, when he reached Shimshaat (1), he climbed up onto high ground there, turned towards Jerusalem and said, “Farewell O Syria, after which we will never meet again.”

Then he went and settled in Constantinople. He asked one of his followers, who had been held captive by the Muslims, “Tell me about these people.”

He said, “I shall tell you so that it is as if you can see them. They are knights by day and monks by night. They do not take anything unlawfully, they do not enter a place except by giving the greeting of salaam (peace), and they destroy utterly anyone who fights them.”

Ceaser said, “If what you are telling me is true, then they will take control of the land that is beneath my feet.”

(1) A city on the banks of the Euphrates on the Armenian side, between Armenia and Syria

[Taareekh At-Tabaree, 4/428-429. Quoting from ‘Umar Ibn Al-Khattaab His Life And Times, p.301]


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