Definition Of Eemaan (Faith)

Ibn Abee Zayd Al-Qirwaanee Al-Maalikee (d.386H) said:

“Belief is (1) a statement of the tongue and (2) sincerity of the heart and (3) actions of the limbs. It increases with the increase of good deeds and decreases due to its decrease. So it will increase and decrease due to that (one’s deeds).

Faith is not complete by the statement of the tongue except with actions.

Both statement of the tongue and actions are not complete except with intention.

Statement of the tongue, actions and intentions are not complete unless they are in accordance with the sunnah.”

[Muqadimatul Qirwaaniyyah]


2 Responses to “Definition Of Eemaan (Faith)”

  1. yunusa19saheed78 Says:

    Jazakallahu khaeran !

  2. Ittehad ummat Says:

    Assalam o Alaikum,

    These quote are very true .It will be a favour on me if you could give some refrence from Quran and hadith about the above quote.

    In Jamaat The elders also say the same. But I want reference from Quran and hadith .Please search for reference.

    I will be highly obliged JAZAKALLAH

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