Is There Admonition In The Books Of The People Of Innovation?

Aboo Zur’ah said about Al-Haarith Al-Muhaasibee and his books:

“Beware of these books for these are books of innovation and misguidance. Stick to the narrations for indeed you will find in them that which is sufficient for you.”

It was said to him:

“There is an admonition for is in these books.”

So he responded:

“Whoever does not find admonition in the Quraan will not find any admonition in these books. Has it reached you that Sufyaan, Maalik or Al-Awzaa’ee wrote these types of books on false delusions and misgivings? How quick people are to rush to innovations.”

[Quoted by Adh-Dhahabee in “Al-Meezaam” 1/430]


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