A Poem From A Maalikee Scholar To The Ash’arees

Imaam Aboo Muhammad ‘Abdullaah Ibn Muhammad Al-Andaloosee Al-Qahtaanee Al-Maalikee said in a poem:

O Ash-ariyah, have you come to realise,
that I am the dust in your eyes,
and the itchiness of your eyelids.

I am an ulcer in the liver of the Ash’aree,
I increase in size until I fight everyone who hates me.

I have become apparent and excelled over the heads of your teachers,
And have defeated everyone who sought (to defeat) me.

And I have turned their arguments upside-down, and have scattered them,
And I have found them to be statements without proof.

Allaah aided me and has made my proofs firm,
And Allaah has saved me form their doubts.

And I have held firmly to the rope of the legislation of Muhammad (saw),
And have bitten onto it (the sunnah) with my molar teeth.

Have you come  to realise O Ash’aree,
That I am a raging storm (against you)
And what kind of storm that is?

I am your concern,
I am you grief,
I am your sickness,
I am your poison in secret and in open.


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