What Is True knowledge? By Shaykh Mashhoor

Shaykh Mashoor states:

“Compiling the Sunan And Aathaar, this is knowledge and as for mere memorisation of men’s statements, then this is not true knowledge. Knowledge is that you memorise “Allaah says…”, “Allaah’s Messenger says…”, “the Sahaabah say…” and “the Taabi’een say…”. This characteristic distinguishes Ahlul Hadeeth from Ahlul Dhaahir and the jurists.

Ahlul Hadeeth are people who track the narrations and seek out the statements of the Prophet (saw), the Companions and the successors (Taabi’een).

Bukhaaree And Muslim in their two Saheehs, At-Tirmidhee in his Jaami’, all three of these works incidently are Jawaami’ (all inclusive) as opposed to the Sunans of Aboo Daawood, Ibn Maajah and An-Nisaa’ee. The Jawaami’ include all aspects of the deen from tawheed, tafseer, signs of the Last Day, adhkaar, as opposed to the Sunan works (which are restricted to fiqh topics)…

Whenever a person increases his reliance on the narrations, his use of Ra’y (opinions) becomes less. Due to this, some of those who author on the fiqh of khilaaf among the jurists do not mention Imaam Ahmad. Indeed some of them even have the audacity to say “Ahmad is not a jurist” (1) and what made them say this is because Imaam Ahmad sufficed with narrations over opinions, he was a pure Atharee.

Imaam Ahmad did not author a work on fiqh and in all of the issues in which he gave an answer could be traced back to one who preceded him from the notable Imaams (2).”

[Taken from “The Madhhab Of Ahlul Hadeeth” p. 80]


(1) Likewise, as the shaykh mentions, “those who entrenched themselves in Qiyaas considered Imaam Ahmad to be from the Dhaahiree ‘Ulamaa and this is grossly off the mark…” [Ibid. p.87]

(2) As Imaam Ahmad used to say, “Beware of issues in which you have no Imaam (who has preceded you in that issue).


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