What The People Of Rhetoric Say About The People Of The Sunnah

Ash-Shaatibee has stated: “It is reported that a companion of the people of innovation wanted to exonerate theological rhetoric over fiqh. He would say:

‘The knowledge of Ash-Shaafi’ee, Aboo Haneefah and their likes does not surpass the pants of women (i.e. the religious verdicts of menses and post-natal bleeding).’

This is the speech of the deviants, may Allaah fight them!”

[Al-I’tisaam, 2/239]

Aboo Sa’dah said: “Waasil (a Mu’tazilee) was speaking one day and ‘Amr Ibn ‘Ubaid (another Mu’tazilee) said:

‘Listen. What is the speech of al-Hasan, Ibn Sireen, An-Nakh’ee and Ash-Sha’bee when you hear it? They only speak of stupid menses that has been discarded.’ “

[Du’afaa of Al-‘Aqeelee, 3/285]


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