What Was The Inheritance Of Daawood To Sulaymaan? By Ibn Al-Qayyim

As for His statement:

And Sulaymaan inherited from Daawood.” [27:16]

It is none else than the inheritance of knowledge and prophethood by total consensus of the people of knowledge amongst the scholars of tafseer and others. This is because Daawood had many children besides Sulaymaan. Had the inheritance been wealth then it would not be restricted to Sulaymaan.

Also, the speech of Allaah is safeguarded from the likes of this information since it is of the same level as saying, ‘So and so dies and his child inherited from him.’ It is well known that everyone leaves an inheritance for his child, so there is no benefit in informing (us) of this. Additionally what precedes the verse and what succeeds it clarifies that the intent of this inheritance os the inheritance of knowledge and prophethood and not the inheritance of wealth.

Allaah The Exalted said:

And indeed We gave knowledge to Daawood and Sulaymaan, and they both said, ‘All praise and thanks are due to Allaah Who has preferred us above many of His believing servants!’ And Sulaymaan inherited from Daawood.” [27:15-16]

The context clarifies the virtue of Sulaymaan and what Allaah specified him with of honor and inheritance that his father possessed, and the paramount of gifts is knowledge and prophethood.

[Miftaah Daar As-Sa’aadah, By Ibn Al-Qayyim, 1/66]


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