Your Status Is In Accordance To Your Knowledge

Naafi’ met ‘Umar in ‘Usfaan when he came for Hajj. ‘Umar asked him: “Whom have you appointed over the valley (meaning Makkah)?”

Naafi’ said: “Ibn Abza.”

He asked: “Who is Ibn Abza?”

He said: “One of our freed slaves.”

He then asked: “Have you appointed a freed slave over them?”

He said: “He is well versed in the Book of Allaah and has knowledge of the laws of inheritance.”

‘Umar said: “Your Prophet (saw) said, ‘Allaah raises some in status by this Book and lowers others.‘ ”

[Al-Wilaayah ‘Alaa Al-Buldaan” by ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Al-‘Umari, 1/67]


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