From the Shirk Of The Soofees, By Shaykh Saalih As-Suhaimee

From among the affairs of shirk are those Soofee deviated paths such that they claim that their shaykh has the ability to bring about good or remove harm even to the extent that some of the blind followers seek the Soofee shaykh’s mucus and sputum and they eat from it (seeking blessings)!

It may be that the Soofee shaykh orders that the water he uses to take a bath in, is used to drink seeking his blessings, even though, that water has passed over his naked body and private parts. This is clear shirk where Allaah will not accept any excuse for.

I remember when I was young, in Madeenah, during the eighties (1380’s AH), there was a man who was trialed, maybe he was possessed. People would come to him in the Prophet’s mosque with their cups of water such as a child would come thinking he has failed his exams and the Soofee shaykh would spit in his cup and the boy would drink it hoping it would bless him to pass his exams.

Those who are attached to this man in this way seeking help from him is indeed shirk with Allaah.

And those who invoke not any other deity along with Allaah.

So be warned of this, O slave of Allaah.

[Taken from “15 Attributes Of The Slaves Of The Most Merciful” by Sh. Dr. Saalih As-Suhaimee, Pp. 23-24]


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