[Poem] Description Of Paradise, By Ibn Al-Qayyim


That is only out of fear it should be attained,
By any expect the one deserving, and your lord is most knowledge of the creation.

And even if it should be concealed from us with every disliked thing,
And surrounded by that which troubles the soul.

[Entering Jannah]

By Allah what delights are contained inside,
And all manners of pleasure for the soul to enjoy.

And from Allah is the sweetness of life in its pavilions,
Its gardens and in the meadow which will make one smile.

[Seeing Allaah]

And to Allah belongs its vallley where there is promise of increase,
For those who love Allah; if only I could be of them.

In that valley, the lover wanders,
And he sees the wandering to be a great attainment.

And from Allah is the joy of the lovers when,
He addresses them from above and greets them with salam.

And by Allah, when they see Allah directly,
Neither shall darkness cover their sight nor shall they tire.

Say O what a glance which gives a brightness to the face,
Can the enthralled lover ever forget after that?

[Al-Hoor Al-‘Ayn]

And by Allah, how many fair (maidens), if only were to smile,
She would radiate light brighter then the break of dawn.

So how great is the enjoyment of the eyes when she approaches,
And how great is the enjoyment of the ears when she speaks.

And O what a timidness like a soft branch when she leans near,
And O what bashfulness when she smiles.

So if your heart is afflicted with love for her,
There is no cure except to consummate with her.

Particularly in her kiss when she embraces you,
As her wrist rest against your neck.

When she unveils to him the beauty of her face,
He will take pleasure in that before they have even consummated.

The eye delights at seeing her.
(Also) there are all manners of fruit which never go out of season.

[The Fruits Of Jannah]

Bunches of grapes and apples of the garden,
And pomegranates, all manner of fruits enthralling the heart.

And roses adorn its fields,
And wine is passed around to taste.

All manners of beauty are gathered together,
O what a wondrous gathering it is.

It has mant types of beauty which altogether,
Make it impossible to forget.

[Remembering Allaah]

Remember Ar-Rahman who is watching always,
So pronounce Tasbih without stuttering,

So that whenever you face the army of despair,
It shall turn back on its heals vanquished.

[Propose To Your Hoor]

So O you who would propose to the beautiful maidens,
If you desire, then now is the time when dowry must be prepared.

So once the vigor of youth passes from him,
He knows for sure that he shall not reach decrepit old age.

Hate all those women who are treacherous to her love,
Then you will attain her rather then them, and thus attain happiness.

Avoid all those besides her for indeed it is,
For the likes of you alone that she waits in paradise.

[How To Attain Paradise]

And fast the day nearest to you, perhaps tomorrow,
You will enjoy the ‘Eed of Fitr while the people are fasting.

And go forward, be not satisfied with a base life,
No one attains pleasure without effort.

[A Believer Is A Stranger In This Life]

And if the whole world should be restricted for you,
And you should have not even a known place to stay.

Then come to Gardens of Eternity,
For they are our first dwelling places and they contain many pavilions.

We are prisoners in the hands of enemies; do you think,
We shall return to our lands and have peace?

They claim that when the stranger goes out,
And his lands are far way, he becomes infatuated (with it).

What strangeness is greater then ours,
For which the enemies have taken every measure against us.

Come to the marketplace where the lovers meet,
That is the place that is know for them.

Whatever you like, take without payment,
For the traders have made all advance payments and given up their goods.

[A Honorable Meeting With Allaah]

And come to the day of increase in which,
The Lord of the Throne shall visit, that is a holiday!

Come to a valley that is vast,
Its dirt is greater then the fragrance of musk.

Pulpits of light you will find there and silver,
And of pure gold which does not break.

Mounds of musk set up as sitting places
For those who are beneath the owners of the pulpits.

So while they are busy in their joys,
And their sustenance comes to them,

Suddenly there is a piercing bright light,
Filling the far corners of the gardens.

The Lord of the Heavens manifest Himself for them openly,
He loves from above his Throne and then He speaks.

”Peace be upon you” as all of them hear,
With their ears his greetings of peace when he greets them.

He says ”Ask me whatever you wish for all you,
Wish is with me andIi am Most Merciful.”

They all say ”We ask You (Your) Pleasure,
For You are the One who owns all that is beautiful and shows mercy.”

He grants this to them and they bear witness,
That Allah is the Most Generous.

[Where Do You Stand?]

So O you who would sell this for a measly price hastily given,
It is as if you do not know; indeed, you shall know!

So if you do not know, then that is a calamity,
And if you know, then the calamity is greater!

[The Biography of Iman Ibn Al-Qayyim Pp. 295-300, quoting from Hadi al-Arwah, p. 20]


7 Responses to “[Poem] Description Of Paradise, By Ibn Al-Qayyim”

  1. Abdulhakeem Keown Says:

    الله اكبر و ما شاء الله

  2. really a hoor al ayn deserves more than a wordly women?

    men just don’t get married in this wordly life that should solve
    the problem

  3. justaukhti Says:

    Reblogged this on justaukhti.

  4. kashifnazeer Says:

    Beautiful subhanAllah..this is part of nooniyah right akh?

  5. Umm AbdAllaah Says:

    But I swear us women Will be far beautiful and superior and our husbands will desire us more?? And i am speaking with Daleel from quraan and Sunnah. Anyhoo if I were to seee HOW WE look in jannah u would be surprised wa lillaahil hamd.

  6. SubhaanAllaah I don’t understand HOW the Hoori is being praised more than the women when we clearly have a higher status, beauty etc? I don’t understand this. Please brother be careful take this as a Nasee7a, because some women get hurt when they feel worthless and only end up decreasing their Eemaan, so be wary next time, Inshaa Allaah. I don’t understand And Allaah is All Just. And I swear the man will Love His Worldly Wife more than anything before the Hoor? “Hate all those Women” ??? “Rather than them” Brothers know one thing your Wife you will Marry HERE will be far more amazing then the Hoor al ayn. Baarak Allaahu feek.

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