What The Founder Of Bareilawi’ism Said About “The Wahaabis”

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee said, “The most wicked of the apostates are the Wahaabis.” [Ahkaam Ail-Sharih, 1/123]

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee also said, “The Wahaabis are more wicked, harmful, and impure than the Jews and the Christians.” [Ahkaam Ail-Sharih, 1/124]

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee also said, “It is necessary to take then out of the fold of Islaam and declare them Kaafir (disbelievers), according to Islaamic law, the Wahaabis who ascribe to Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul-Wahhaab Najdi, who wrote ‘Kitaab At-Tawheed’, violated the sanctity of Makkah and Madinah, invaded them, and committed mischief, oppression and murder in them. His groups is one of the branches of the Khawaarij, who revolted against ‘Ali.” [Al-Kawkabul-Shihabiyya, Pp. 58-59]

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee also said, “The Wahaabis are apostates and hypocrites, for they show off Islaam by utering the belief.” [Ahkaam Shariat, p. 112]

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee also said, “The Wahaabis are more evil than Iblees, indeed more mischievous and more astray than he, for the Satan does not tell a lie (!!!), but they tell lies.” [Ahkaam Shariat, p. 117]

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee also said, “Allaah’s curse be upon the Wahaabis. May he disgrace them and make hellfire their abode.” [Fataawa Ifriqiyyah, p. 125]

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee also said, “Allaah’s curse be upon the Wahaabis. How they are deluded away from the truth.” [Fataawa Ifriqiyyah, p. 172]

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee also said, “The Wahaabis will be the lowest of the low.” [khalis Al-‘Itiqad, p. 54]

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee also said, “Allaah has decreed unbelief (kufr) for them.” [Al-Fataawa Ar-Ridwiyah, 4/198]

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee also said, “The Magians are more accursed than the Jews and the Christians, the Hindus are more accursed than the Magians, and the Wahaabis are more accursed than the Hindus.” [Al-fataawa Ar-Ridwiyah, p.13]

Prayer behind The Wahaabis Is Not Valid

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee said that the prayer behind the Wahaabis is invalid. [Fataawaa Ar-Ridwiyyah, 5/43]

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee also said, “If a Wahaabi offers funeral prayer over the dead body of a Muslim, the prayer is not valid.” [Fataawaa Ar-Ridwiyyah, 4/12]

When asked about the funeral prayer over a Wahaabi, he said, “The Wahaabis are unbelievers and apostates. If anyone offers funeral prayer over him he has become an unbeliever (kaafir).” [Malfuzat, p. 76]

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee also said, “It is not permissible to make supplication for them for Allaah has said about them, ‘They do not return.’ ” [Malfuzat, p. 286]

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee also said, “If anyone believes that the Wahaabis are Muslims, he becomes an unbeliever (kaafir). It is not lawful to pray behind him.” [Al-Fatawaa Ar-Ridwiyah, Pp. 80-81]

The Marriage With A Wahaabi Is Forbidden:

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee said, “If a Wahaabi recites the address of marriage and solemnises the contract of marriage, the marriage will be null and void. It is necessary to renew teh contract of marriage and Islaam as well.” [Al-Fataawa Ar-Ridwiyah, p. 50]

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee also said, “The witnessinf of a Wahaabi to the contract of marriage is also unlawful.” [Fataawa Ifriqiyyah, p. 69]

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee also said, “A Wahaabi, being an apostate, should not marry, either with an animal or a human being. If he marries, it will be considered pure adultery.” [Baaligh An-Noor, 6/55]

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee also said, “Seeking fatwa from the Wahaabis is unlawful. If anyone has a doubt about his unbelief (kufr) and punishment, he becomes an unbeliever (kaafir).” [Al-fataawa Ar-Ridwiyah, 4/106]

Eating The Meat Of Animals Slaughtered By Wahaabis:

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee said, “Eating the flesh of an animal slaughtered by a Jew is lawful, and similarly the meat of an animal slaughtered by a Christian. As for the animals slaughtered by the Wahaabis, if they recite the name of Allaah one thousand times and they are righteous, the eating of this meat is forbidden, for it is the slaughtering of an apostate.” [Fataawa Ifriqiyyah, p. 27]

Studying The Works Of The Wahaabis Is Forbidden:

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee said, “The study of the works of the Wahaabis is forbidden.” [Al-Fataawa Ar-Ridwiyah, 6/]

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee knew very well that if any Muslim read their books, full of the verses of the Quraan andf the traditions of the Prophet (saw), he would surely be impressed, for the believers are impressed by the Quraan, “The believers are only those who, when Allaah is mentioned, their hearts become fearful, and when His verses are recited to them, it increases them in faith; and upon their Lord they trust.” [8:2]

And when they hear what has been revealed to the Messenger (saw), you see their eyes overflowing with tears because of what they have recognised of the truth. They say, ‘Our Lord, we have believed, so register us among the witnesses.’ ” [5:83]

[The Reality Of The Bareilawees, Pp. 148-154]

5 Responses to “What The Founder Of Bareilawi’ism Said About “The Wahaabis””

  1. That is just scary but anyways this ummah is how manry sects now?

  2. shahzahan Says:


  3. Mohamed Mohamud Says:

    What a shaytaan.

  4. Anwar Benny Says:

    Yaa Allah let me slap him n the day of judgement

  5. If this is the belief of the Braylwis how do they perform Hajj and ‘Umrah? If the Imams of the Haramain are “Wahhabi apostates” how will their prayers be accepted? May Allah guide the Sufis, Braylwis and Shi’ites from their delusion. They vilify Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahhab as if they know him so well but they never provide a single reference to his writings.

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