Test Your Knowledge (Test 3)

Q1) Why do the Hanafee scholars say that venerating graves is impermissible?

a) Because it is an act of resembling the Jews.
b) Because it is an act of resembling the idol-worshippers.
c) Because it is an act which wastes money.
d) All of the above.

Q2) What is impermissible between husband and wife when the wife is on her periods?

a) Marital relations.
b) Touching in a sexual manner.
c) Sleeping together.
d) All of the above.

Q3) Who was the Prophet (saw) talking to when he said, “Beware of ingratitude towards those who do you favours.“?

a) The Ansaar
b) The Muhaajiroon
c) Muslim Women
d) Muslim men

Q4) What do the Dhaahirees derive out of the verse “…and do not say uff to them (your parents)…” [17:23] ?

a) That only saying uff is haraam.
b) That every insulting speech is haraam.
c) That every insulting speech and action is haraam.
d) That saying uff and every speech and action lesser than this is haraam.

Q5) Complete the following hadeeth, “Any woman who asks her husband for divorce for no reason, then…”

a) the husband can (lightly) beat her.
b) she is not entitled to any financial support if she gets divorced.
c) the fragrance of Paradise will be forbidden (haraam) to her.
d) her iddah period is extending by one month.

Q6) What was the Madhdhab of Imaam Bukhaaree?

a) Hanafee
b) Dhaahiree
c) Hanbalee
d) None of the above

Q7) Which one of the following was An-Nawawee’s view?

a) That kissing the graves is haraam.
b) That doing tawaaf around the grave is haraam.
c) That attaining barakah (blessings) from the grave is haraam.
d) All of the above.

Q8) Which sect were deemed as the worst of liars by all scholars?

a) The dhaahirees.
b) Ahlul Hadeeth.
c) The Shee’ah.
d) Ahlul Ra’y.

Q9) The grave-worshippers try to use the story of the Companions of the Cave whose people took their locations of death as a masjid as a proof for the permissibility of building masjids on graves. How would you refute this claim?

Q10) What is better, optional worship, or optional knowledge?

a) Optional worship.
b) Optional knowledge.
c) They are both equal.


(1) D. Click here for more info. (2) A. Click here for more info. (3) C. Click here for more info. (4) A. Click here for more info. (5) C, an authentic hadeeth on the authority of Aboo Hurayrah. Recorded by Aboo Daawood, At-Tirmidhee & Ibn Maajah, with a saheeh isnaad. (6) D. Click here for moer info. (7) D. Click here for more info. (8) C. Click here for more info. (9) Click here for the refutation. (10) B. Click here for more info.


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