Blind Following The Messenger Of Allaah

So closely did the companions follow and imitate the Prophet (saw), they would do what he did and abstain from what he abstained from, without even asking for the wisdom or reason behind his actions. Imaam Bukhaaree related the following narration from Ibn ‘Umar:

“The Messenger of Allaah (saw) began wearing a gold ring, and so the companions also began to wear gold rings. No sooner did the Prophet (saw) then remove his ring saying:

‘Indeed, I shall never wear it (again),’

than the Companions removed their rings as well.”

In Ash-Shifaa’, Al-Qaadee ‘Iyaad related that Aboo Sa’eed Al-Khudree said:

“As the Messenger of Allaah (saw) was praying with his Companions, he removed his shoes and moved them to his left. When the people saw that, they took off their shoes. When the prayer was over, the Prophet (saw) said: ‘What caused you to remove your shoes?

They said, ‘We saw you remove your shoes.

He (saw) said, ‘(The reason why I removed my shoes) is that Jibreel informed me that there was some filth on them.‘ “

[The Sunnah And Its Role In Islamic Legislation” p. 85]

One Response to “Blind Following The Messenger Of Allaah”

  1. abd al hakeem Says:

    Assalaamu \’alaykum, is it right to use the word taqlid, I understand that we make itibaa/mutabaa of the messenger of Allah sal Allahu aleyhi wassalaam. Taqlid is something different. Wallahu alam

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