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The Causes Behind Ahlul Ra’y Coming To Surface

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Shaykh Mashhoor stated:

“New things and circumstances emerged which led to the fissure between the madhhab of Ahlul Hadeeth and the madhhab of the jurists.

We said in Madeenah for example there remained inherited actions which were present during the time of the revelation, contrary to what was present in al-‘Iraaq wherein there was no inherited action.

‘Iraaq was conquered during the time of ‘Umar and therein people found things which were distant from the revelation and it was difficult to find a text which concurred with their dealings, customs and mustajadaat (acquisitions), thus Ra’y (opinion) overcame those lands.”

The shaykh says elsewhere in his book:

“Those who carry the Sharee’ah are of two types: Ahl Ar-Riwaayah and Ahl Ad-Diraayah, the former are the muhaddithoon (scholars of hadeeth) while the latter refers to the jurists (scholars of fiqh).

In the first and second generations, both Ahl Ar-Riwaayah and Ahl Ad-Diraayah were combined, and we mentioned that the view to follow Ra’y (opinion) and rulings on a newly important issue was well-known among Ahl Al-Hijaaz and Koofah.

However, the people of Koofah and ‘Iraaq inherited strange new matters as opposed to the people of Madeenah, hence there was juridical vastness in ‘Iraaq and this did not occur in Madeenah due to their lack of a need for that there.

Then later, this became a manhaj which they (the people of ‘Iraaq) adhered to especially after the Mu’tazilah mixed with Al Ar-Ra’y (the people of opinion), as most of the Mu’tazilah are Hanafee in their fiqh madhhan of the subsidiary matters.”

[Taken from “The Madhhab Of Ahlul Hadeeth” by Shaykh Mashhoor, p. 38]