Debating In The Religion

Zuhree said:

“Aboo Salamah used to debate with Ibn ‘Abbaas, (and) because of this, he was hindered from great knowledge.” [Jaami Al-‘Uloom Wa Al-Hikam, 1/518]

Maymoon Ibn Mihraan said:

“Do not debate with the one who is more knowledgeable than you, for if you do that he will hoard form you all his knowledge and he won’t be harmed by anything that you say to him at the least.” [Jaami Al-‘Uloom Wa Al-Hikam, 1/517]

‘Abdul-Kareem Al-Jazaree said:

“A pious man never debates.” [Ash-Shu’ab, 8129]

Haytham Ibn Jameel was asked:

“A man is well learned with regards to the affairs of the Sunnah, should he debate and argue about them?”

He replied:

“No, however he should inform the people about the Sunnah, so if it is accepted from him then good and if not then he should keep silent.” [Jaami’u Bayaan Al-‘Ilmi Wa Fadhlihi, 4/94]


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