Memorising Through Repetition, By Ibn Al-Jawzee

Ibn Al-Jawzee said:

“How to master what you memorize: The secret behind mastering what you memorize is lots of repetition, and people are different in that. With some (people) the information sticks with just a little amount of repetition and other need to repeat it many times. Therefore, a man should repeat his lessons in order to have it firmly established in his memory.

The Prophet (saw) said: “Take good care of the Quraan, for it escapes the chests of men quicker than a precious camel from its leash.” I say, this hadeeth is agreed upon, Bukhaaree #5033 and Muslim #791 and 231 from Aboo Hurayrah.”

[Al-Huzza ‘Alaa Hifz Al-‘Ilm Wa Dhikru Kibaar Al-Huffaaz, p.35]


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