The Ruling On Innovators And Innovations, By Ibn Taymiyyah

Ibn Taymiyyah said:

“Some of the Shaafi’ee and Hanbalee scholars, and others, have permitted killing the one who calls to innovations that are in opposition to the Quraan and Sunnah. This is the same case with the Maalikee scholars who said, ‘Maalik and others only allowed killing the Qadariyyah for the purpose of eradicating corruption from the lands, not because of their apostasy.‘ ” [As-Siyaasat Ash-Shara’iyyah, p.123]

Ibn Taymiyyah also said:

“Any innovator that has the proof established against him, deserves to be punished. And if not, then still, his innovative and prohibited actions are fruitless and contain no reward in them. Rather they subtract from his good deeds, reduce his reward and serve as a means for lowering his sanctity and status.

This is the ruling and the recompense for the deviant misguided ones, and Allaah rules with equity and justice – He does not wrong anything, not even an atom, and He is All knowing, Most Wise.” [Ar-Radd ‘Alaa Al-Akhnaa’ee]

Ibn Taymiyyah also said:

“This is the reality of the statement of those from the Salaf and the people of knowledge who say that those who call to innovation should not have their testimony accepted, nor should one pray behind them, nor should knowledge be taken from them, nor should they be given women in marriage. This is their recompense until they stop what they are doing.

This is why they would differentiate between one who calls to innovation and the one who doesn’t, since the one who calls to it, publicly displays evil and thus deserves to be punished, as opposed to the one who conceals his innovation, for he is not as bad as the hypocrites whom the prophet (saw) used to accept their open statements, while entrusting their secret statements to Allaah, even though he knew full well about their conditions.” [Majmoo’ Al-Fataawaa, 28/520]


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