Ibn Katheer Describing The Hoor Al-Ayn

Ibn Katheer said:

“They (the women of paradise) lower their gaze and avoid looking at men other than their husbands, so they do not think that there is anything in paradise that is more handsome than their husbands. This was stated by Ibn ‘Abbaas, Qataadah, ‘Ataa` Al-Khurasaanee and Ibn Zayd.

It was also narrated that one of them will say to her husband, ‘By Allaah, I do not think that there is anything in Paradise finer than you, or that there is anything in Paradise dearer to me than you. Praise be to Allaah Who has made me for you, and made you for me.‘ “

[Tafseer Ibn Katheer]

A note to sisters:

Allaah described the Hoor Al-‘Ayn with descriptions that He knows man likes and is attracted to. Paradise is a reward for the believers, and He describes these rewards to attract mankind towards Jannah. Allaah is The Creator of men and women, and Allaah knows the fitrah of man and what he is attracted to. A wise women pays heed to the descriptions of the Hoor Al-‘Ayn and tries to adopt these traits to gain the pleasure of their husbands (and their Lord).


3 Responses to “Ibn Katheer Describing The Hoor Al-Ayn”

  1. Brother this was about US WOMEN not Hoor al ayn! Fix the title!

  2. Umme Salamah (radi Allahu anha) narrates that she said to Prophet Muhammad (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam): “O Rasul Allah, are the women of this world superior or the hoors (of Paradise)?” He (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) replied, “The women of this world will have superiority over the hoors just as the outer lining of a garment has superiority over the inner lining.” Umme Salamah (radi Allahu anha) then asked, “O Rasul Allah, what is the reason for this?” He answered, “Because they worshipped [Allah]. Allah will put light on their faces and silk on their bodies. [The human women] will be fair in complexion and will wear green clothing and yellow jewelry. Their incense-burners will be made of pearls and their combs will be of gold. They will say, ‘We are the women who will stay forever and we will never die. We are the women who will always remain in comfort and we will never undergo difficulty. We are the women who will stay and we will never leave. Listen, we are happy women and we will never become sad. Glad tidings to those men for whom we are and who are for us.'” (Tabrani)

  3. I totally agree with Umm. Wordly wives will be far more better than Hoor, in beauty and in status. Kindly have a look at ” Rewards for women in Jannah – Yahya Ibrahim” on youtube in which the sheikh says that a wordily wife will be 70 times prettier than a hoor. That when seeing his WIFE in Paradis, the man will stare at her for 40 years ( hoor are not wives, they are slave and reward). Also have a look at The wives of Paradis Amazing Reminder Sheikh Tawfique Chowdhury The Daily Remember” a man will not care about hoor when his WIFE is around as she is better.

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