The Reality Of The Ash’arees, By Ibn Taymiyyah

Ibn Taymiyyah said:

“The closest one in resemblance to these individuals, i.e. the Jahmiyyah, are the Ash’arees, who say:

‘Allaah has seven attributes – Life, Knowledge, Ability, Desire (or Will), Speech, Hearing and Sight.’

And they negate all of the other attributes besides these. There are some among them who also include only the Hand as part of Allaah’s Attributes, and others who stop short of negating all of the other Attributes. However, the extremists among them negate absolutely all of Allaah’s other Attributes besides those mentioned above.

As for the Mu’tazilah, they negate all of Allaah’s Attributes in the general sense, adopting their (innovated) rules and principles…

They are the closest of people in resemblance to the Sabian philosophers amongst the Romans and those Arabs and Persians who followed their way who claim that all of the Attributes can be traced back to a plus or a minus or a combination of both. So all of these people are misguided and deniers of the Messengers.

Anyone whom Allaah has granted knowledge and insight of what the Messengers brought and knows the reality of the shortcoming of these individuals, will know for certain that they deny Allaah’s Names and Attributes and that they reject the Messengers, the Book and what the Messengers were sent with. This is why they would say:

‘Innovations are derived from disbelief and they eventually lead to it.’

And they say:

‘The Mutazilah are the sister counterparts of the philosophers, and the Ash’arees are the sister counterpart of the Mu’tazilah.’ “

[Majmoo’ Al-Fataawaa, 6/358]


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