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The Dunyaa In The Eyes Of The Salaf

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Al-Hasan Al-Basree said:

“They (the Companions) made patience a duty upon themselves and gave it (the dunyaa) a station that was equivalent to that of a rotting carcass, which was not lawful to eat from except in the case of necessity.

So they ate from it to an extent that would restore their fitness and preserve their souls and give strength for the day. And they gave it a station that was equivalent to a corpse that has an intensely foul stench, such that anyone who passed by it would be seized by this smell, and so they would eat from it only when they really had to, due to extremely difficult circumstances.

And they would finish eating from it once they had satisfied their immediate appetite, because its stench (would prevent them from eating more). Hence the Dunyaa was chained up from them and this was its station in their eyes.

So they would be amazed at the one who (indulges in the Dunyaa), eating his fill from it, wildly taking pleasure in it. They would say to themselves, ‘Have you not seen those who are not afraid of what they eat?! Have they not noticed its foul stench?!‘ “

[Al-Hilyah of Aboo Nu’aym 2/138]