Corrupt Beliefs Stemming From Fazaa’il-e-Amaal [Story 5]

As we have seen in our last few posts, doing du’aa to other than Allaah is shirk and futile. Even though this is a fundamental principle of Islaam, the Tablighi Jamaat promote calling out to the Prophet (saw) and complaining to him about one’s needs. The following story from Fazaa’il-e-A’maal shows this:

Three men fasted for days on end since they could not find food. One of them went to the grave of the Messenger of Allaah (saw) and said, ‘O Messenger of Allaah, hunger has overtaken us.

Soon afterwards a man from the Alawi family knocked at the door. They opened the door and found a man with two servants, each one carrying a large basket with many delicious foods. Then the man from the Alawi family said before leaving, ‘You have complained about hunger to the Messenger of Allaah. I have seen the Messenger of Allaah in a dream and he commanded me to bring food to you.

[Fazaa’il-e-A’maal, ch.9, p. 177]

As is the norm in the book Fazaa’il-e-Amaal, there are numerous stories which promote such false stories which cause nothing but corruption to one’s ‘aqeedah.


2 Responses to “Corrupt Beliefs Stemming From Fazaa’il-e-Amaal [Story 5]”

  1. Shahjahan Says:

    It’s better to exactly give the books edition, chapter number, section number, page number language etc. for an example the article could not be found in publication no 97/ bks-26

  2. Some more corrupt things found in Fazaa’il-e-Amaal:

    1) It promotes wahdatul wujud. Commenting on what a Muslim should believe in:

    “He should believe Him to be his sole guardian and Helper in distress, TO BE PRESENT EVERYWHERE, seeing and hearing everything in the world.” (Fazaa’il-e-Amaal – Volume 1 – Book: “Six Fundamentals” – Islamic Book Service, 1997 – Page 1).

    2) It mentions a demonstrably false story that someone used to offer 1,000 rakahs of nafl salah a day.

    “Zainul Aabideen (Rahmatullah alaih) used to offer one thousand rakaats of nafl salaat daily.” (Fazaa’il-e-Amaal – Volume 1 – Book: “Virtues Of Salaat” – Islamic Book Service, 1997 – Page 99).

    There are 86,400 seconds in a 24 hour day. If this story was true, that means to perform 1,000 rakahs per day, Zainul Aabideen would’ve spent an average of 86 seconds per rakah, for the full 24 hours, nonstop! And this is just for the nafl rakahs!

    3) It mentions another demonstrably false story:

    ” It is said about .a Sayyid that continuously for twelve days he has been offering his salaat with the same wudhu. For fifteen years, his back had not touched the bed. He would also go without food for days together.” (Fazaa’il-e-Amaal – Volume 1 – Book: “Virtues Of Salaat” – Islamic Book Service, 1997 – Page 82).

    4) And another:

    “Shaikh Abdul Waahid (Rahmatullah alaih) says, “One day I was so much overpowered by sleep that I went to bed before finishing my Zikr for the night. I saw in my dream a most beautiful girl dressed in green silk. All parts of hear body and even her shoes were engaged in Zikr. She said to me ‘Aspire to possess me; I love you.” And then she recited a few couplets depicting the eagerness of a lover. When I woke up from the dream, I vowed not to sleep any more during the night. It is reported that for full forty years he never slept at night, and said Ishaa and Fajr salaats with the same wudhu.” (Fazaa’il-e-Amaal – Volume 1 – Book: “Virtues Of Salaat” – Islamic Book Service, 1997 – Page 75).

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