Islaam, An All Around Peaceful Religion

Von Kremer (an Orientalist  refutes the ‘opinion’ that the Muslims spread throughout the world by the sword, forcing people to accept Islaam and being aggressive. He writes:

“In their wars, the Muslim Arabs embodied good attitudes. The Prophet (saw) forbade them to kill monks, women, children and the blind or handicapped, as he also forbade them to destroy crops or cut down trees. The Muslims followed these instructions to the letter in their wars. They did not violate any sanctuary or destroy any crops. The Byzantines used to shoot poisoned arrows at them, but they did not respond in kind against their enemy.

Pillaging towns and setting fire to them was the normal practice of the Byzantine army, whether it was advancing or retreating, but the Muslims adhered to their ideals and did not try to do any of these things.”

[Al-Islaam Wa Harakat At-Taareekh, by Anwaar Al-Jundee, p.83]


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