Recognising A Scholar, By Bin Baaz

“A scholar is recognise by his perseverance  his taqwaa and his fear of Allaah, striving to what Allaah has made obligatory and keeping well away from what Allaah and His Messenger (saw) have forbidden.

These are the characteristics of a scholar, whether he is a teacher, a judge, a daa’eeyah, or holds any other position. He is obligated to be an example and a model in righteousness; he acts upon his knowledge; has taqwaa of Allaah wherever he may be; and he guides the people to good.

He is a good example for his students, members of his family, neighbours and other who know him.”

[Al-‘Ilm Wa Akhlaaqu Ahlih [Knowledge And The Characteristic Of Its People], By Bin Baaz, p. 20]


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