The Daff Is Not Halaal In Every Circumstance

Qaadi Shurayh (1) heard the sound of the daff being played, whereupon he said,

“Verily, the angels do not enter the house in which a daff is played.” (2)

[Reported by Ibn Abee Shaybah with a good (jayyid) sanad. Verified by Al-Albaanee]

Ibraheem An-Nakha’ee (3) said:

“The disciples of Abdullah [Ibn Mas’ood] used to confront young girls who had daffs with them in the narrow alleyways, confiscate their instruments and break them up.”

[Authentically related by Ibn Abee Shaybah]


(1) He was a great scholar from the taabi’ee, a judge and dependable narrator of hadeeth. He was one of the most avid disciples and companions of the sahaabi, Ibn Mas’ood. He died in the year 78 of the Hijrah.

(2) The angels do not enter such a house if the daff is played at times other than weddings, ‘Eed or other appropriate occasions as mentioned in the authentic sunnah.

(3) A jurist and traditionist from the generation of the taabi’een. He died around 96H.


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