6 Athaar On Worshipping Allaah And Not Wasting Time

1) Some people entered the house of Junayd when he was dying and they found him bowing and prostrating. Despite of his weakness and knowing the moment of death was very soon, he wanted to fold his legs (while in the prayer to do the Sunnah), but he could not because his legs were paralysed. One man said, “Why is he doing all this?” Another replied, “This is from the graces of Allaah! Allaahu akbar!” [Tabaqaat Awliyaa’, pp. 133-134]

2) One day a man met ‘Aamir Ibn Qays (d. 55h) and asked him, “Can I have a word with you?” So ‘Aamir said, “Then stop the time, so I can talk with you.” And he told a man who asked him a question, “Be quick for I am about to leave.” The man asked him, “What do you mean by that?” He said, “My soul will soon leave my body.”

3) Some people visited a worshipper and told him, “Did we interrupt you?” He said, “Yes you did! I was reading [the Quraan] and you prevented me [from continuing].

4) Aboo Moosaa Al-Ash’aree (d. 42h) used to fast in hot weather so it was said to him, “You are an old man.” He said, “I’m preparing it for a long day (i.e. the day of judgement).

5) A worshipper was once asked, “You should be easy on yourself (i.e. do not exhaust yourself with acts of worship).” He replied, “Indeed I exhaust myself in worship because easiness is what I am looking for.”

6) A friend of Saree As-Saqatee went to visit him, so he found a group of people in his house. Thus he said, “O Saree! You (i.e. your house) have become an environment for idlers!” And he left immediately. [Hilyat Al-Awliaa’, 10/119]


One Response to “6 Athaar On Worshipping Allaah And Not Wasting Time”

  1. Abu Zaynab. Says:

    Are all the quotes after the first one from Hilyat al-Awliya’? Can you re-check please?

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