Dealing With Innovators And Exposing Them, By Ash-Shaatibee

Ash-Shaatibee said:

“For indeed the saved sect – and they are Ahlus-Sunnah Wal-Jamaa’ah – are commanded with disassociating themselves from the people of innovations, expelling them and punishing severely anyone that follows in their direction, whether by killing (1) or other than that.

The scholars have warned us against accompanying and sitting with them. That is the best way for showing hostility and hatred to them. So the one who achieves this is the one who gives himself cause for it, by splitting away from the Jamaa’ah, due to what he has innovated from adhering to ways other than the believers’ way.

It is not to be done just for the sake of showing hostility. How could this be, when we are commanded to disassociate from them, while they are commanded to befriend us and return to the jamaa’ah?” [Al-‘Itisaam, 1/120]

Furthermore he mentions:

“When these groups begin to call to their misguidance and beautify it in the hearts of the common people and those who have no knowledge, then indeed, the harm that these individuals cause to the Muslims is just like that of the harm that the Devil causes. So they are devils from among mankind.

Therefore, it must be openly proclaimed that they are people of innovation and misguidance, and that they are associated with the deviant sects, if there is sufficient evidence that shows that they are from among them. So the likes of these individuals must be exposed and banished…” [Al-‘Itisaam, 2/228]


(1) Ibn Taymiyyah said, “Some of the Shaafi’ee and Hanbalee scholars, and others, have permitted killing the one who calls to innovations that are inopposition to the Quraan and Sunnah. This is the same case with the Maalikee scholars who said, ‘Maalik and others only allowed killing the Qadariyyah for the purpose of eradicating corruption from the lands, not because of their apostasy.’ ” [As-Siyaasat Ash-Shara’iyyah, p.123]

One Response to “Dealing With Innovators And Exposing Them, By Ash-Shaatibee”

  1. Abu Marjaan Says:

    Assalaamu alaikum Wa Ramat Allaahi Wa Barakaatuh.

    Akhi who is al siyaasa al shariyyaa written by¿

    and did you read it from the book yourself¿

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