The “Eid In Syria” Convoy

***3 Days left. Please donate generously!***


My local masjid is collecting for the Eid In Syria convoy. Click link to donate:

Make sure you tick the “gift aid” box as that way the government adds 25% to your donations. Please support the cause with whatever amount you can inshaaAllaah. I personally know the brother who will be going (known him for about 6 years now) and he has also been a few times before.

Please donate generously.

Are we waiting for the Christians to help them? Who will then come with aid in one hand and the Bible in the other?!


One Response to “The “Eid In Syria” Convoy”

  1. Asalaamu ‘alaykum,

    Brothers/sisters plz. How black have our hearts become? these are our brothers/sisters who need our help. Living in tents, not having enough food, water etc. Please donate generously iA.

    Zakaah is also acceptable in such a cause.

    Please donate generously.

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