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The Effect Of Turning Away From Allaah

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Al-Junaid Ibn Muhammad (d. 297H) said:

“If a man worships Allaah for one thousand years, and then he turns away from Him for one moment, then what he missed in this moment is more than what he gained (in one thousand years of worship).”

[Hilyat Al-Awliyaa’, by Aboo Nu’aym, 10/278]

Being Ashamed To Commit Sins

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Muhammad Ibn Al-Fadl said:

“For the last forty years, I have not dictated to my recorder to record even one bad deed. If I did, I would be ashamed of both of them (i.e. the two angels).”

[Sifat Al-Safwah, by Ibn Al-Jawzee, 4/165]

Sittings In Ramadhaan With Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen

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Sittings in Ramadhaan with Ibn ‘Uthaymeen:

Day 1: The Merits of the Month of Ramadhan

Day 2: The Merits of Fasting

Day 3: From the Rulings of Fasting Ramadhan

Day 4: From the Rulings of Praying in Ramadhan

Day 5: From the Merits of Reciting Qur’an and its Types

Day 6: Categories of People in Fasting (Part 1 of 3)

Day 7: Categories of People in Fasting (Part 2 of 3)

Day 8: Categories of People in Fasting (Part 3 of 3)

Day 9: The Wisdoms of Fasting

Day 10: From the Mandatory Etiquettes of Fasting

Day 11: From the Encouraged Etiquettes of Fasting

Day 12: From the Second Type of Qur’an Recitation

Day 13: From The Etiquettes Of Reciting The Qur’an

Day 14: From the invalidators of the Fast

Day 15: The Conditions that will not make the Invalidators Invalidate the Fast

Day 16: From Zakah

Day 17: From the People of Zakah

Day 18: From the Battle of Badr

Day 19: From the Opening of Makkah

Day 20: Reasons for the Real Victory

Day 21: The Preference of the Last Ten Nights

Day 22: Striving in the Last Ten Days and Laylatul-Qadr

Day 23: From the Description of Paradise may Allah Make us from its Inhabitants

Day 24: From the Description of the People of Paradise

Day 25: From the Description of Hell-Fire

Day 26: Reasons for Entering Hell

Day 27: The Second Type from the Reason of Entering Hell

Day 28: From ZakatulFitr

Day 29: Repentance

Day 30: Concluding the Month