Quotes From The Salaf On Innovation And Its People

The Prophet (saw) said, “Whoever innovates or accommodates an innovator then upon him is the curse of Allaah, His Angels and the whole of mankind.” [Bukhaaree & Muslim]

Al-Fudayl Ibn ‘Iyyaad (d. 187H) said, “Do not sit with a person of innovation, for I fear that curses will descend upon you.” [Sharh Usool Al-‘Itiqaad, 262]

Ibn ‘Abbaas (d. 68H) said, “Indeed the most detestable of things to Allaah are the innovations.” [As-Sunan Al-Kubraa, 4/316]

Al-Hasan Al-Basree (d. 110H) said, “Do not sit with the people of innovation and desires, nor argue with them, nor listen to them.” [Sunan of Ad-Daarimee, 1/121]

Aboo Al-Jawzaa (d. 83H) said, “That apes and pigs live next to me is more loved by me than if one of them (i.e. people of desires) lives next to me.” [Sharh Usool Al-‘Itiqaad, 1/131]

Aboo Al-Jawzaa (d. 83H) also said, “That I should sit with pigs is more beloved to me than that I should sit with anyone from the innovated sects.” [Al-Hilyah, 3/78]

Qaadee Aboo Ya’laa (d. 333H) said, “There is consensus (Ijmaa’) among the sahaabha and the taabi’een as regards dissociating and cutting-off from the innovators.” [Hajar Al-Mubtadi’, p.32]

Ibn Qudaamah (d. 602H) said, “The salaf used to forbid sitting with the people of innovation, looking into their books and listening to their words.” [Al-Aadaab Ash-Sharee’ah, 1/263]

Al-Fudayl Ibn ‘Iyaad (d. 187H) said, “I met the best of people, all of them people of the sunnah and they used to forbid accompanying the people of innovation.” [Sharh Usool Al-‘Itiqaad, 267]

Ibraheem Ibn Maysarah (d. 132H) said, “Whoever honours an innovator has aided in the destruction of Islaam.” [Sharh Usool Al-‘Itiqaad, 1/39]

Sufyaan Ath-Thawree (d. 161H) said, “Whoever listens to an innovator has left the protection of Allaah and is entrusted with the innovation.” [Al-Hilyah, 7/26]

Imaam Maalik (d. 179H) said, “How evil are the people of innovation, we do not give them salaam.” [Sharh As-Sunnah, 1/234]

Al-Fudayl Ibn ‘Iyaad (d. 187H) said, “Whoever sits with a person of innovation, then beware of him and whoever sits with a person of innovation has not ben given wisdom. I love that there was a fort of iron between me and a person of innovation. That I eat with a jew or a christian is more beloved to me than I eat with a person of innovation.” [Sharh Usool Al-‘Itiqaad, 1149]

Al-Layth Ibn Sa’d (d. 175H) said, “If I saw a person of desires (innovation) walking upon water I would not accept from him.” So Imaam Ash-Shaafi’ee then said, “He (Al-Layth) has falen short. If I saw him walking in the air I would not accept from him.” [Al-Amr Bil-Ittibaa’ Wa An-Nahee ‘An Al-Ibtidaa’]

Yahya Ibn Katheer (d. 129H) said, “If you meet a person if innovation along the path, then take a path other than it.” [Sharh Usool Al-‘Itiqaad, 239]

Aboo Qilaabah (d. 104H) said, “Do not sit with them, do not mix with them for I fear that they will immense you in their misguidance and confuse you in much of what you know.” [Sharh Usool Al-‘Itiqaad, 244]

‘Abdullaah Ibn ‘Umar As-Sarkhasee, the Scholar of Khazar, said, “I ate with a person of innovation and that reached Ibn Al-Mubaarak who said, ‘I never spoke to him for thirty days.’ ” [Sharh Usool Al-‘Itiqaad, 274]

Please note; that such quotes are referring to people who are truly upon innovation. Not as happens nowadays, where we have the jaahil mentality of some people who treat everyone who differs with them on the most minor of issues as innovators. Indeed this evil sect is growing, whereby they call themselves people of the Sunnah, and staunch followers of the Sunnah yet they have contradicted the very basics of the Sunnah. May Allaah expose them as it seems many innocent brothers and sisters are falling into the trap of believing them to the the people of the Sunnah, ameen.


2 Responses to “Quotes From The Salaf On Innovation And Its People”

  1. Assālamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullāhi wa Barakātuhu…

    Allāhu yubārik fīkum ‘ajmaīn…

    Do you have any english translations on Fiqh Al-Jihād? More particularly this book (مساءل من فقه الجهاد )

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