The Once Great Islamic Civilization

The day will come inshaaAllaah, when the tables will be turned and we will study Western heritage, producing criticism of their religion, their sciences, and their civilization. At that time, our children and grandchildren will use the same principles of criticism that Western scholars themselves invented, in order to study Western civilization, and in order to show the decadence and disintegration of Western society…

Gustave Le Bon said in “The Civilization Of The Arabs“:

“The truth is that the followers of Muhammad have remained bitter enemies of Europe for a number of centuries. When they have not instilled terror into us with their weapons… they have humiliated us with the superiority of their civilization. And it is only yesterday that we have freed ourselves from their penetration. Through inheritance form our forebears, we have accumulated a great deal of myths about Islaam and Muslims, to the extent that the animosity we feel towards them has become a deep-rooted instinctive feeling, such as is the deep-rooted malice that the Jews have for the Christians, which is hidden sometimes, but which always runs deep. Compound with out inherited myths (against Islaam) are the myths that tell us that Greek and Latin alone are the sources of knowledge and manners from the past. From these factors, it is easy to understand our general disregard for the great contribution of the Arabs in the civilization of Europe…”

To perceive the extent of the completeness of Islaam (and its civilization) in the first generation, you simply have to reflect upon how ‘Umar (ra) had full control over the kingdoms of Kisrah and Qaysar, kingdoms that were already extremely well developed and civilized. yet ‘Umar was able to rule over those kingdoms and was able to deal justly among its citizens in the most comprehensive and just of ways, more so than the way in which the previous two rulers governed them.

[Taken from “The Sunnah And its Role”, by Mustafa As-Sibaa’ee, Pp. 53 & 55]


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