Eid Al-Adha Convoy To Syria. Please Donate Generously

Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

My local masjid has set up a ‘JustClick’ link, and iA brothers who I personally know (known them for about 6 years or so) will be going to Syria to deliver the well needed aid. The brothers have been many times before and know where to deliver such aid.

I *may* be going along with this convoy (depending on personal circumstances) which is due to leave in a few weeks. Please donate generously and help your brothers in Syria who desperately need our aid.

Click link to donate: http://www.everyclick.com/emergencyresponse

Please do not ignore this and say “the least we can do is du’aa”, because even a child can do du’aa. So please donate generously and fwd this link to others iA.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below iA.

23 Responses to “Eid Al-Adha Convoy To Syria. Please Donate Generously”

  1. lamin kinteh Says:

    may ALLAh grant them understanding among themselves,may HE grant them peace and love in mind and among them.may He protect them guide and protect them from anti-islamic force and strenghten their faith.Aameen,ameen…..

  2. randomreader Says:

    Akhi, let us know when you go with the convoy or if you go to hajj instead. And when do u reckon u’ll be back?

    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

      I don’t know where I mentioned hajj, lol. But anyways, since your a stalker and probably read it elsewhere (though confused where), but if I go hajj, it’ll be next Saturday, if not it all depends on when the tour guide returns our passports.

      So nothing is really confirmed yet

    • These convoys usually go for 2/3 weeks or so. They go into Turkey with a visit visa which lasts for 30 days. It takes about 8 days or so to drive there though, so anywhere between 2 and 5 weeks iA. Though some people come back earlier than others.

      If I miss this one, I’ll be going on the nextone iA.

    • Btw akhi, u got any more of those banners?

      • randomreader Says:

        Are u talking to me?? I don’t know what banners u r talking about brother.

        And how am i stalking u? lol. Ur bro told me u were going hajj & when I came to visit your blog I saw this post. So, I thought I would ask but it’s funny that you don’t know what will you be doing until last moment. Regardless, have a safe trip inshAllah! Thou will be missed my son! But na, I thought you may not even read/reply before you go, so jzk for the reply.

        Ok, I may know what banners you’re talking about. I forgot what they’re called so I call them images etc. Long ago I downloaded 3 & I still have those. I proper miss the person who created those, really wanted to SEE him at that time; so I thought I would do sth with his creation instead. Still feel messed up about not going to his janazah man.

        Anyways akhi, may Allah accept whatever you do for His sake!

        • lol of course I’m talking to u. Funny guy. Anyways, u stalker, jzk for the kind words.

          I’ll miss u too my son *wipes away tears* lol. Aww gimmie a hug bro! lol

          And i’ll probably pop down urs before I go anyways. As I also need to grab a few things from ur bro iA.

  3. randomreader Says:

    Walaykum salam

    • Oh yh btw any chance u can upload the other two banners? Jzk

      And also, do u have a spare wheel / tire I cud borrow? My one’s kinda gone flat. Jzk.

      • randomreader Says:

        Son?? Seriously?? Okay, whatever floats your boat! :)

        Regarding the banners, one of the other 2 has almost same saying as the one I uploaded. So, I’ll upload the other one inshAllah. I wish I had more though.

  4. randomreader Says:

    If you go hajj, please take loads of picture like you did before (for hose of us who missed the opportunity) & also, record some interesting stuff in your video cam! Everything is interesting there though.

    • Will do my son.
      Actually, no I can’t as I don’t have a camera-phone… Unless you’re willing to buy me one, lol.

      • randomreader Says:

        Please, arrange one. Take your bro’s phone. Also, make dua for me……..you know what my duas are,right? Anyways, how come you’re here still? Weren’t you supposed to go to hajj on last saturday? I wish I could go with you man! *sigh*

        • My mums got a camera phone, so I could use that one iA.

          “Your du’aas”? Dude, I told you a million times, some ppl r just blessed with good looks, *looks in mirror and combs hair* lol

          Dunno where u got last saturday from?! But if I go, it’ll be next sat, well Saturday coming (the 5th?) iA. I rang the tour guide today, he said we got the visas but its still not 100% sure (dunno how that works out!), so its still a 50/50 chance.

  5. Going hajj on Saturday iA. Confirmed.

  6. Abu Omar al-Shishani he is my family!

  7. soon Jesus son of Mary will decend and it will be peace

    insha Allaah

  8. alhahi as salam

  9. recite surah Taa Haa in prayers

    praisiing the mercy that Allaah has bestowed upon us.

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