Dont Waste Your Time, By Ibn Al-Jawzee

Ibn Al-Jawzee said:

“When a person thinks about the life of this world before entering it, he considers it long. Likewise when he thinks about it after leaving it, he sees a long period of time and knows that the stay in the grave is long. When he thinks about the Day of Judgement, he knows that its 50,000 years long, and when he thinks about Paradise and Hell. he knows that they will never end.

Now when he goes back to look at the time spent in this world, lets say 60 years, he can see that 30 of it is spent in sleeping, 15 or so is spent in childhood, and most of what is left goes to chasing after desires, food ad money. When he accounts for what if left, he finds that much of it is nothing but showing off and heedlessness.

The price of eternal life is the hours of his life, but what is left of them to buy it with?!”

He then goes on to mention:

“Days consists of hours and hours are made up of breaths you take. Every breath is a treasure chest, so beware of letting a breath pass by with no benefit. You do not want to find an empty treasure chest on the Day of Judgement and regret.

Indeed, a man once said to ‘Amir Ibn ‘Abd Qays (a Taabi’ee):

“Stop, I want to talk to you.”

So he said to him:

“Hold the sun in your hands [i.e. stop time] so I can talk to you.” “

[Taken from “Sincere Advice To Students Of Sacred Knowledge”, by Ibn Al-Jawzee, Pp.49 & 54-55]


4 Responses to “Dont Waste Your Time, By Ibn Al-Jawzee”

  1. faiz ur rahman Says:

    salam alykom.. JayakALLAHo kheran feddarain.. Thnx.faiz

  2. Umm Zakariyyah Says:

    Reblogged this on ToBeHumbled.

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