Adh-Dhahabee’s Advice To Women (And Their Husbands)

Imaam Adh-Dhahabee said:

If a woman wears the clothing of a man and it is tight on her such as around her body like that of some of men’s clothes, like tight sleeves, tight private regions and so forth, (then) indeed she has imitated him and she has brought the curse of Allaah upon herself (1).

If her husband does not prevent her from doing so, or is pleased with what she is doing, he has indeed shared in that curse, (as he has) aided her in such a sin and he will be sinning with her which is the opposite of what Allaah has ordered him to do. That is to have Taqwaa and he has also bee ordered to save himself and his family form the Hell-Fire, as Allaah The Exalted says in the Quraan:

O you who believe, ward off from yourselves and your families against a fire whose fuel is mankind and stones.” [66:6]


(1) Ibn Abbaas said, “The Messenger of Allaah cursed those men who imitate women, and cursed women who imitate men.” [Bukhaaree]


2 Responses to “Adh-Dhahabee’s Advice To Women (And Their Husbands)”

  1. Ya authenticbase, I understand about husband getting the share of the sin and also the father as well, but what about someone who is a brother or even a son!!? They do not have the strong power to stop the women close to them.

  2. justcurious Says:

    as salamu 3alaykum. so what does this quote imply? does it mean she shouldn’t wear them at all home or outside? or she just can’t wear them outside in front of nonmahram?

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