The Importance Of The Scholars, By Al-Aajuree

Muhammad Ibn Hasan Al-Aajuree has stated:

“What do you think, may Allaah bestow mercy upon you, about a roadway that has many harmful objects therein, of which the people are in need of traversing upon it on a pitch black night?

If there is no light then they will become bewildered and confused. Consequently, Allaah ordained lamps for them to illuminate the path for them so that they may traverse it with security and safety. Then different degrees of people came whom it was imperative for them to traverse upon it (this path) so they did so. In the midst of this, the lamps were extinguished, so they remained in darkness. Therefore, what do you think about them?

This is how the scholars are concerning the people. Many of the people do not know how to practice the obligations, or how to abstain form the prohibitions, or how to worship Allaah in every aspect of how the creation worships Him except by the preservation of the scholars.

When the scholar dies, the people become confused, they study knowledge after their (scholars’) death and ignorance becomes prevalent. Therefore, to Allaah we belong and to Him we shall return. It is a calamity, and there is no greater calamity than it.”

[“Akhlaaqul ‘Ulamaa” by Al-Aajuree, Pp. 28-29]


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