Mu’aawiyah Cries Remembering ‘Alee

Diraar Ibn Dumayrah Al-Kinaani described ‘Alee Ibn Abee Taalib to Mu’aawiyah Ibn Abee Sufyaan (ra) as follows:

“He did not feel content with this world and its adornment, but he felt content with the night and its darkness. I bear witness by Allaah (swt) that I saw him, when the night had dropped its curtain and the stars had appeared deep in the sky, weeping in his place of prayer and holding onto his beard like one who is stung with pain, weeping and mourning. It is as if I can hear him now, saying, ‘O our Lord, O our Lord,’ beseeching Him.

Then he said to the world, ‘Are you trying to deceive me, or are you trying to attract me? No way, no way. Go and deceive someone else, for I have thrice divorced you. Your life is short, you are of no significance or importance. Ah, how little provision we have, how long is the journey and how lonely is the road!!‘ “

At that, Mu’aawiyah’s tears fell down onto his beard and he could not stop them. He started to dry them with his sleeve and the people began to sob. He said:

“This is how Abul-Hasan (e.g, ‘Alee) was, may Allaah have mercy upon him. How do you feel for losing him O Diraar?”

Diraar said:

“As sad as the mother whose only son was slaughtered in her lap. Her tears never cease and her grief never ends.”

[Hilyat Al-Awliyaa’, 1/84]


2 Responses to “Mu’aawiyah Cries Remembering ‘Alee”

  1. minhaj chisti Says:

    If this is the condition, why Muawiya do not stop peoples from Abusing Ali during his rule.

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