Erroneous Principles Of The Jahmiyyah, By Ibn Taymiyyah

Regarding the Jahmiyyah, Ibn Taymiyyah said:

“They (the Jahmiyyah) say: ‘They (the Companions) did not actualize the principles of the religion as we have actualized it.

And at times they would make excuses for them by saying that they were preoccupied with Jihaad!

These individuals have so much speech similar to this (1) – which the Raafidhah and their likes from the people of innovation agree with and which they use to oppose the Book, the Sunnah and the Ijmaa’ – that this is not the place that we can go into detail about that.

Rather we have only been warned about the principles of their religion and the reality of their statements. Their objective behind all this is that they claim that intellectual understanding and rhetoric speech that oppose the Book and the Sunnah exist in the foundations of the religion. Their speech contains such contradictions and corruptions that resemble that of the atheists.

So they are from the ranks of the Raafidhah – they have no clear intellect or authentic text.

Rather, their ultimate objective is to impose Sophistry (philosophical reasoning) into intellectual proofs and Karmathianism (Qaraamitah) into the textual proofs. This is the main objective of every innovator that opposes something form the Book and the Sunnah, even in knowledge based matters and fiqh issues.”

[Dar’ Ta’aarud Al-‘Aql Wan-Naql, 2/14-15]


(1) For example they say ‘the way of the salaf is safer, but the way of the khalaf is more knowledgeable and more wiser.’ They say this because they can find no proof from the Salaf to support their claims regarding the interpretations they give for the Names and Attributes of Allaah.

For example they that Allaah does not have a Hand (even though there are numerous proof for this) but instead the word ‘Hand’ means ‘power’.

As Ahlus-Sunnah we know that Allaah has a hand unlike the hand of the creation. Just as Allaah is Alive, and we are alive, but us humans being alive is different to the meaning of Allaah being Alive. Allaah does not require air to live yet we do. Allaah does not require oxygen to breath in to stay alive, yet we do. So just as Allaah being Alive is different to us being alive, then the same is said about the rest of Allaah’s Names and Attributes. We know their meanings, yet their reality differs from the way we know it.

So Allaah has a Hand unlike the hand of creation. And this concept (of one name having more than one meaning) is also found in the creation itself. For example, the word hand can mean a human hand, yet it can also refer to the hand of a clock, or the hand of a table. So just as the hand of a table does not resemble the hand of a human, likewise when we affirm that Allaah has a Hand, we are not resembling Allaah to the creation.

The Jahmiyyah say that Allaah does not have a hand because if we affirm Allaah having a hand it would mean we are resembling Allaah to the creation (which is not the case as I have described above), so in order to dodge this ‘supposed’ resemblance of Allaah to the creation, they deny the Name/Attribute and give it another meaning. However for this new meaning, they can find no proof from the Salaf, hence why they say such absurd statements like ‘the way of the salaf is safer, but the way of the khalaf is more knowledgeable and more wiser.’


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