O Student Of Knowledge, Take Heed! By Bin Baaz

“The student of knowledge should take great care about being lazy about what Allaah has made obligatory and from falling into that which He has forbidden – for others will follow him in it. Likewise, he should not be neglectful of the Sunnah and the makroohaat. If he becomes lazy, others will also become lazy.

It is important that he takes care in reviving the Sunnah even though a particular act may not be compulsory, in order to encourage the people to follow it, and to be an example for them. He (the student of knowledge) must keep away from the makroohaat and doubtful matters so that the people do not imitate him.”

[Al-‘Ilm Wa Akhlaaqu Ahlih [Knowledge And The Characteristic Of Its People], By Bin Baaz, pp. 20-21]


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