Rushing And Being Hasty In Believing (And Spreading) Information Without Verification

Regarding Allaah’s statement:

When there comes to them some matter concerning public safety or fear, they make it known (among the people); if only they had referred it back to the Messenger or to those charged with authority among them, the proper investigators would have understood it from them (directly)…” [4:83]

‘Abdur-Rahmaan As-Sa’dee said:

“This is Allaah’s discipline of the servants for their inappropriate action. If an important affair arises or something concerning the general well-being of the public related to security, the welfare of the believers, or fear of a calamity befalling them, (then) it is befitting to verify it and not rush to spread that information…

In it is a prohibition of rushing and being hasty in spreading the affairs as soon as it is heard. The issue requires pondering, reflecting, and examining before speaking. Is it beneficial to present it to the people or should it be withheld.”

[Tayseer Al-Kareem Ar-Rahmaan, p.190]

And Shaykh Bin Baaz said:

“The obligation upon the Muslim is to guard his tongue from those things that do not concern him, and to not speak except based on clear knowledge… As for someone making such a statement haphazardly ad ruling by his own opinions without any proof, then this is a great evil and it is not permissible.”

[Refer to the magazine Raabitat Al-‘Aalaam Al-Islaamee, Issue # 213]


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