‘Umar Hit A Man For Speaking To A Woman On The Roadside

‘Umar Ibn Al-Khattaab (ra) once saw a man speaking to a woman on the roadside. He began to beat him with his stick and asked the man why he was shamelessly speaking to a woman by the roadside. The man answered that the woman was his wife.

‘Umar then said: “Then why are you discussing your personal matters by the roadside and enticing the people to listen to your personal conversation?

He answered: “O leader of the believers, we have just arrived in Madeenah and were discussing where we should stay.

When ‘Umar heard his answer he apologizes to the man, gave him his stick, and ordered him to take his revenge.  The man said: “I forgive you for the sake of Allaah.” However ‘Umar insisted that the man take the stick and seek out his revenge, but the man refused every time. Thereby, ‘Umar said: “Your reward will be with Allaah.

[Akhbaar ‘Umar, p. 190]


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