O Muslims Of The West, Behave! By Sh. Muqbil Ibn Haadee Al-Waadi’ee

If we are compelled to go to a land of disbelief, we should fear Allaah with regards to our Islaam for indeed many Muslims that travel to America, Britain, Germany or one of the other disbelieving countries serves as barriers for some Christians, atheists and Jews (to embrace Islaam). They serve as obstacles between them and Islaam.

This is due to the fact that these Muslims do not practise Islaam (as it should be practised). A Muslim is prohibited from selling alcohol, but yet he sells it. He is prohibited from selling pork, but yet he sells its meat and so on. He is forbidden from doing many things, such as stealing and treachery, but yet he doesn’t act upon Islaam.

In fact, he may even have worse conduct than the Jews and Christians. So these kinds of people give Islaam a bad reputation, even though Islaam is free from them. This is even the case with us, even though we fall short in acting upon Islaam, Islaam is still Islaam – it is a proof against us and we are not a proof against it.

The comportment of the Muslims in these times has become an evil type os comportment. It is based on treachery. You will find that when a Muslim is entrusted with an item or is put in charge of some organization, that most of the time, he displays nothing but treachery and deceit, contrary to the enemies of Islaam, for they display good conduct for the sake of worldly reasons, not to mention trustworthiness…

So it is upon the Muslims to fear Allaah. Many people in Indonesia accepted Islaam as a result of good conduct. This was die to the good conduct and behaviour that they saw from the Muslims. For example, a Muslim would go from Hadramaut (in Yemen) to Indonesia for business purposes and they would see his good manners and thus accept Islaam because of that. And yet this man only travelled there for the purpose of conducting business.However they saw is good manners and dealings and embraced Islaam because of that.

This was the same case with the trustworthiness and honesty of the Companions. They were able to conquer Persia and Rome because of what the people saw from their trustworthiness. But as for us, then whoever desires to learn about Islaam should read about it from books and not learn it from any of those (Muslims) that immigrate to his country. This is since most of those Muslims that immigrated to these foreign (non-Islaamic) countries only did so for te sake of worldly reasons and to attain worldly luxuries. So they are prepared to commit the unlawful and prohibited. In fact, some of them even feel ashamed to say they’re Muslim while in foreign (non-Islaamic) countries!

If only the Muslims would be upright! Several male and female orientalist writers that studied Islaamic books said that if only the Muslims were to be upright, America wold have embraced Islaam without any struggle or bullets. However, we have gone astray. It is te Muslims that have caused many people to become discouraged from accepting Islaam.

[Ijaabat As-Saa’il ‘Alaa Ahamm Al-Masaa’il, Pp.611-613]


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