Is It Permissible To Quote Only Half Of A Hadeeth?

Sometimes the transmitter reports a Hadith but omits a part of it. The question then arises as to whether this form of transmission is permissible at all.

In principle, the narrator of Hadith, of any type of Hadith, must not omit any part which is integral to its meaning. For instance: when the omitted part consists of a condition, or an exception to the main theme of the Hadith, or which makes a reference to the scope of its application. However, the narrator may omit a part of the Hadith which does not affect the meaning of the remaining part. For in this case, the Hadith at issue will be regarded, for all intents and purposes, as two hadith.

It has been a familiar practice among the ulema to omit a part of the Hadith which does not have a bearing on its main theme.

But if the omission is such that it would bring the quoted part into conflict with its full version, then the issue will be determined, not under the foregoing, but under the rules of conflict and preference (al-ta’arud wa’l-tarjih).

In any case, the preferred practice is not to omit any part of the Hadith, as the omitted part may well contain valuable information on some point and serve a purpose that may not have occurred to the narrator himself.

[Taken from “Principles Of Islamic Jurisprudence” by M. H. Kamali, Pp.106-107]


One Response to “Is It Permissible To Quote Only Half Of A Hadeeth?”

  1. shafiqurehman Says:

    assalam o alaikum
    even the best have narrated parts of relevant hadith and the rest where appropriate. this is not an issue worth arguing over. just look at Muslim or ibn maja or nassai

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